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Estate Sales Q&A


Common Estate Sale Questions


What is an Estate Sale? Do I qualify To Have One? 

The simple answer, a sale that liquidates a home or business when someone has died. Though you may have an Estate Sale even if no one has died. Many people are just downsizing their homes and moving into senior areas like a Sun City, or just something smaller and more manageable. An Estate Sale can be at any age of a homeowner’s life. Like the person who is being transferred by work, military or just wanting a local change. Some people need us just to do a downsizing sale and they are not moving, just too much stuff. We have conducted sales that are large like farms and ranches, or just small like a garage, storage unit and back yard. Bob, owner of Bob's Estate Sale; will come over and assess your needs FREE of charge. 

How Much Is This Really Going To Cost Me? 

Our standard rate is a 65/35 split, client gets the 65 (Split is sometimes negotiable). No other charges. Bob's Estate Sales takes care of all staging, pricing, advertising and selling. We bear the cost of all supplies, staff, food and labor. If you the client would like us to clean out the entire house, we can do that as well. The charges for the clean out are deducted from client’s sales proceeds. The charges are normally very minimal or sometimes none at all. NO UPFRONT COSTS! 

How Quick Can One Get Started? 

Ideally we would like at least a two week preparation time before the sale date. This gives us plenty of time to take our pictures and start an ad to get the exposure it needs. This is done before the pricing period. Some cases can be done quicker. 

Who Decides The Prices? 

Bob's Estate Sales will decide all pricing unless you tell us otherwise. Remember we both have the same goals in mind; sell everything at the highest amount possible. All of the pictures previously taken of items are a great aid in discovering hidden gems. Many hours goes into the research and pricing. 

How Do You Advertise? 

Depending on what area of town the sale is in, there will be signage all over the areas around the sale. Some cities won’t allow any signage at all. We have a large online following. Bob's Estate Sales has been around since 2010, so many news organizations would like to stop by like: Good Day Sacramento, Sac and Co. Sacramento Magazine, Online ads, craigslist, or advertising through our large dealer chain is another way we get the word out. 

How Do I Know What Sold?

 Throughout the sales process my staff and I keep a documented sales book that can be reviewed by client after the sale. A copy of these records may be given to you also upon request. Before the sale starts most items have been photographed for documentation  purposes. These pictures can be reviewed by client for a period of time after sale. Pictures are also taken for research purposes. 

What Happens When The Sale Is Over? 

Well first my crew and I will take a deep breath; it’s a very exhausting process. Then take downs all tables, display cases, remove all signs and anything related to the sale. Normally the closeout/payment process takes 7-10 days. This gives time for all checks, and credit card payments to clear. After which we meet and go over the books, discuss the sale and you get your check. (The process could take longer depending on if we are instructed to do a clean out) 

If interested please call or ask about our Free In Home Consultation  916-960-9920